The Pressure Is On

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Day 158: February 5, 2015
TIM has the worst customer service! The lady that I was dealing with kept checking her phone and answered calls from “Mamma.” She put my phone number incorrectly in the computer and blamed me because she thought my “7” was a “1”… instead of apologizing she just got mad at me. On the bright side I had a great day. Art History was very enjoyable. We went to the Palazzo Vecchio and the Leonardo da Vinci Museum. There was a lot of amazing art pieces. In the Palazzo Vecchio there’s a secret door which was awesome! I spent my entire evening editing the vlog for today.

Day 159: February 6, 2015
Jen, Alesha, Michael and I went to the Arno to try to find some shells but we didn’t end up looking because it was raining and the current was too rough and high. We ended up going to Lory before heading over to Erin’s. Jen, Michael and I made books with Erin, but we didn’t finish. We’ll have to go there again to add a cover and so something to the spine (I forget what it’s called). Jen and I went to eat at Gusta Pizza for dinner after. The cook made us heart shaped pizzas. So cute! When I got home I just edited another vlog. P.S. Jackie I got one of your postcards!

Day 160: February 7, 2015
I swept and mopped the floors, worked out, showered and picked up a couple of books from the studio. I tried Insanity but I didn’t like it. I found it challenging but boring. I tried the hip-hop version and I found that boring as well. I guess nothing compares to dance and Zumba. I spent all day and all night working on my Annotated Bibliography.

Day 161: February 8, 2015
I did groceries this morning and finished the Annotated Bibliography… FINALLY! I Skyped with my Mom. So nice talking to her. Adam is putting together his portfolios for university applications. I still remember assembling my portfolios. Time flies!

Day 162: February 9, 2015
I Skyped with Jp before class. Jen, Alesha, Aaron and I walked to the studio together. We then had class for three hours. I found Cat’s presentation to be very useful and informative. After class Montina, Amy and I went to grab a quick bite and did a little bit of shopping. I didn’t buy anything. In the evening we watched The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, which was nearly three hours long! I personally thought the film was very boring and slow. I wouldn’t recommend watching it. For the rest of the night I just worked on my vlog.

Day 163: February 10, 2015
Today Jen’s brother, Stephen, arrived in Florence. Jen was right… they are very much alike. It’s so nice to see Jen super happy! For the entire afternoon and evening I worked on my Thesis. I finally had a breakthrough! After a month and a half almost I finally understand what my Thesis is about. It is such a relief! I feel much more confident. Not only did I work on my Thesis, but I also edited today’s vlog. I think it’s going to be a late night for me.

Day 164: February 11, 2015
I was stressing so hard over my critique with Aaron. It actually went really well. He was able to give good advice which really calmed me down. At 6:30 p.m. we had a guest artist come in and talk to the group. Her name was Regan Wheat. I really enjoyed the last piece she showed with the overlaying of voices. After the artist talk a bunch of us went to grab pizza at Forina 00.

– E

Goodbye January, Hello February


Day 151: January 29, 2015
We woke up early this morning to meet everyone at the Bargello National Museum for 9 a.m. We looked at many sculptures and Mercury is probably one of my favourites. I love the wings on his heels! It was a good class. I really enjoyed looking and learning about the sculptures. It still blows my mind that people carved them by hand. After the Bargello we went to Passione e Collezione. I personally didn’t enjoy it that much. for lunch Jen, Alesha, Amy, Kesang, Elizabeth, Maggee, Megan and I went to an all you can eat sushi restaurant. So satisfying haha and so filling! I haven’t had sushi since sometime in the summer. It was actually snowing a little bit when we were walking to the restaurant.

Day 152: January 30, 2015
Happy five and a half years, JP! I woke up early on my own but went back to bed. Today I decided to stay in and look in silence… well with music so I wouldn’t get distracted. I managed to finish my Art History presentation which is almost a month from now. I also produced three test clips. Oh! Can’t forget laundry. In the late evening I went to the studio because I was bored being alone. Even though I didn’t do much at the studio it was still nice to be around friends.

Day 153: January 31, 2015
Always with the broken sleep. My body is more and more sore as the days go by. These beds are not the greatest. Jen and I did groceries in the morning. It took me so long to fall asleep to take a nap and when I finally slept, it was only a half hour. I spent the rest of my evening relaxing and Skyping with JP.

Day 154: February 1, 2015
How is it already February!? Where is the time going!? I have decided that for this month I will be doing daily Vlogs :) You can check those out on me YouTube channel (Erica Joaquin). My flatmates and I had a late start at the studio. I woke up early enough to sweep and mop the floors and workout – Ab Ripper X. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be sore tomorrow. It was suck a fun time dancing in the kitchen with Jen and Alesha :) I spent my evening editing my vlog. Oh! I also went to get pizza with Michael, Aaron and their friend, Rosie. The pizza was delicious!

Day 155: February 2, 2015
Today was such a bad day. Jen and I went to a few different post offices, but dealt with several different people. Our plan was to pick up Jen’s package from her mom and pick up my letters from Jackie, but we did not get any of those. Jen and I didn’t speak perfect Italian, we were just waiting quietly in line and then this lady started bitching at us in Italian and then the man behind her joined in her bitching at us. So extremely rude!!! Instead of approaching us in a kind matter and redirecting us, they made us feel so stupid. Another lady yelled at me because I didn’t have the proper tracking number for Jen. I spilled a glass of wine all over the floor and I didn’t even get a sip. We had movie night again and I put together another vlog, which took three tries until it exported properly.

Day 156: February 3, 2015
Toonie Tuesday! Haha too bad that doesn’t exist in Florence. It was a pretty gloomy day. I spent all my time in the studio working on my annotated bibliography. Michael was hilarious playing with a broom stick. You could check that on my channel as well.

Day 157: February 4, 2015
I met with Cat’s boyfriend, Jonathan to discuss my Thesis and hear his advice. He had some great insight! I’m really glad he helped me out, especially with a couple of computer programs. Soon after I had my one-on-one meeting with Catherine.

– E

150 Days Away From Canada


Day 144: January 22, 2015
8:30 a.m. Art History class? Nope. 9 a.m. No one knew so we were all waiting around. Class was the usual lecture for three hours. I went home after because I wasn’t feeling well due to that time of the month. In the evening I went to the studio with Jen to work on our presentation. We didn’t finish but we still have time since we’re presenting on Monday. Michael and I stayed in the studio to work while a bunch of people went to party.

Day 145: January 23, 2015
It was a late start to my day. Jen, Alesha and I went grocery shopping. After we ate lunch Jen and I went to work on our presentation. We are almost finished! I finished my part since Jen had to Skype her friend Emma.

Day 146: January 24, 2015
Rise and shine! Too early if you ask me. We had to meet at the train station by 8:50 a.m. to catch a train to Bologna. We spent two ours at the Art Fair then the rest of the afternoon visiting various art museums. It was quite an exhausting day. Lots of art and walking around. Bologna is the modern version of Florence. Personally I wouldn’t go back. It wasn’t my cup of tea but I do know some of my other classmates really enjoyed it.

Day 147: January 25, 2015
I slept in until 10 a.m. then made breakfast and cleaned a bit of the apartment. Jen and I went to the studio late afternoon to work on our presentation but unfortunately the internet connection was terrible so we couldn’t work on it until later on in the night when we got home. I worked on my vlog while Amy and I watched Gossip Girl. When I came home I watched Kick Ass 2 with Alesha and Aaron. Jen and I then finished our presentation.

Day 148: January 26, 2015
I was nervous when I woke up because we had out presentation in the afternoon. I think it went well. Jen, Michael and I went to pick up Jen’s package at the post office. We waited for an hour only to find out it was probably shipped back to Canada. I figured if hers was shipped back, so would my letter :( Sorry Jackie! At 6 p.m. we had movie night again then I spent the rest of my time working on my Bologna Vlog.

Day 149: January 27, 2015
Bologna vlog uploaded and posted! I received an email from Catherine while I was working on my Art History presentation. She wants to meet with me tomorrow late afternoon to discuss my Thesis. I’m really scared/nervous to be honest. I feel lost with my work. I worked my butt off to create a test clip with some of my dance videos. Hopefully it’ll all work out tomorrow.

Day 150: January 28, 2015
The meeting went well with Catherine. She was super helpful and got me back on track! Before our meeting Jen, Alesha and I went to Milligan and Milligan to pay rent. They were surprisingly nice today. Usually they aren’t which is terrible business I think. I spent the rest of my afternoon and evening working on another video. I managed to finish it so it’s now on my YouTube channel. The world can now watch the strange 14 year old that I was.

– E

Getting Back On Track


Day 137: January 15, 2015
An early morning, as usual, on a Thursday. We had to meet at the Uffizi Gallery at 9 a.m. but we all thought we had to meet for 8:30 a.m. so we were all waiting for our profs. I find it difficult to pay attention if I’m not right beside Katharina while she talks. The Uffizi is such a beautiful gallery and I would recommend anyone to visit it if there is ever an opportunity! It was my second time going. The first time was also with my class. After the Uffizi I went home to make lunch and relax for the rest of the afternoon. Alesha and I spent a good chunk of our evening watching Friends.

Day 138: January 16, 2015
Gotta love sleeping in until 10 a.m.! I feel so much happier and awake at that time. I stayed home today to catch up on my personal life. I managed to upload pictures to Facebook from my trip to the Philippines… FINALLY! I also cleaned up my desktop because it was just getting too overwhelming to look at. Do you ever feel so much better when things are nice and organized? I sure do. I also did a bit of laundry. It’s annoying how long it takes for laundry to dry since our flat is cold and we don’t have a drier haha. But I am thankful that we are able to do laundry. I am currently working on my next vlog.

Day 139: January 17, 2015
I slept in until 10 a.m. as usual. Jen and I were supposed to go grocery shopping together before going to the studio. I ended up going alone because she went to the studio super early to check if her window was closed. I went to the studio around 3 or 4 pm. to work on my art. While working on our art Amy and I watched Friends. I’m loving it! So funny! When I came home in the evening Alesha was watching Friends so I decided to watch with her while I made dinner. We’re obsessed with it.

Day 140: January 18, 2015
I worked on my Uffizi Vlog for the morning and a bit of the afternoon. I then went to the studio to continue working on my art. It feels like I’m either at home or at the studio all the time haha.

Day 141: January 19, 2015
I had the worst sleep last night. It was so difficult for me to even fall asleep. I was so restless. I guess there’s just a lot on my mind. It’s okay. We had class at 1 p.m. as usual. It actually ran longer than normal. I wasn’t in such a great mood so I had to leave after class to be alone. Spontaneously I went for a walk and ended up drawing a little bit of the Duomo. I didn’t get to finish because this guy names Maldi sat beside me and started talking to me. He asked me quite a few questions about art. He seemed curious so I gave him my business card to check out more of my work. Networking and making friends around the world :P He’s a geologist, which I thought was neat. Go find that gold, buddy! I was originally going to go straight home after class and make lunch but I’m glad I went to draw instead. It really calmed me down. I need to do it more often. At 6 p.m. we had another movie night and I fell asleep again. I think this might be a regular thing but I really do hope next week’s film will be more interesting. After the movie I went to work in Jen’s studio with her. It was really nice to have a deep conversation with her. I really needed someone to talk to.

Day 142: January 20, 2015
I woke up at 9 a.m.! Waking up earlier. I am slowly trying to wake myself earlier and earlier everyday. Early bird gets the worm, right? I finished up my art work and researched for tomorrow’s critique and meeting.

Day 143: January 21, 2015
Way-back Wednesday! I woke up early so that I could get to the studio way before my critique and meeting. Everything went well today. I finally feel like my Thesis is back on track! Of course I have to do some test runs before i do anything huge. I showed my prof my most recent vlog and her response: “You should make a film!!” So it looks like it;s going to be a long process haha but I’m sure it’ll be fun. I’m glad Catherine has directed me down this path because I really enjoy filming and editing.

– E